Whatever the occasion you wish to celebrate, the exotic Latin harp provides your event with a musical spectrum from background music to danceable music inspired by Latin American rhythms.


Weddings, graduations, birthdays and any celebration. For a perfectly beautiful andromantic atmosphere at your wedding ceremony or reception,invite Cachicamo Latin Harp to play their extensive repertoire of latin and international songs.The soft harmonies of the harp give you romantic inspiration on your special day.


Cachicamo Latin Harp offers educational programs that involves Latin American music and traditions.


Programs include:

  • Teaching inter-cultural awareness
  • Giving knowledge to the students which widens the possibilities of  their thinking
  • Sharing South America ethnic music traditions
  • Giving them a new understanding of South American roots


To accomplish these objectives Cachicamo Latin Harp performs the followme activities:

  • To explain about of the typical south American instruments as Llanera Harp, cuatro, capachos, guacharaca, etc
  • To perform typical south American dances and teach basic steps to the children
  • To show the traditional South America costumes
  • To clarify general geographic information about South America
  • To perform music from South America singing in Spanish with translation in English.


Cachicamo Latin Harp contributes to the growing knowledge of Colombian and Latin American Culture participatingin Festival and concerts.